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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Martha Failed Me And More Contents Of My Cookie Jar

It happened again .

The cookie jar's contents are wanning already . Sigh.

Rather than put away the clean dishes ( or wash the newly dirty ones ) or get showered and dressed , I did what a reasonable person in such a situation would do.
I went to Martha Stewart's website, knowing she'd solve my quandry.

But Martha, MY Martha , failed me this time. There was not a recipe that fit my requirements :
- A soft oatmeal cookie
-No nuts or fruit.
-Maybe chocolate chips

What I found was a list of recipes containing oat bran , cranberries and apricots . Walnuts too. Oh Martha, I had to stray but you left me little choice.

The Joy Of Baking has an awesome Oatmeal Cookie recipe that I only slightly had to alter . They were easy enough to make , smell amazing , and well ,just look .


They are love.

And so is she .


  1. Are those oatmeal cookies baked or are they the kind that you mix and let set up?

  2. My3tots- the cookies are baked.


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