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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday


The Daily Balance amongst other blogs have inspired me to take a moment and be thankful for some of the little things AND the big things in my life .


  • I ‘m thankful for all things Hello Kitty. Her bling makes me smile every time I look at my phone ,necklace and the embarrassing amount of Kittified swag I own.DSCN3268
  • I am thankful for my own relatively good health , and the inspiring strength of  those close to me with not so good health .
  • I am thankful for CHEESE of many kinds. Recently I’ve gotten really into different kinds of cheeses and have been enjoying many a cheese plate.
  • I am thankful for options , choices and decisions . I don’t always like making them but I am thankful I have the opportunity to do so .
  • I am thankful for blogs and the bloggers who write them . Reading them keeps me sane on my breaks from studying and jobsearching .
  • I am thankful for friends and family who push me when I need it without acting like they are pushing me. you know who you are 

What are you thankful for this Thursday ?

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