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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

Sometimes I'm not a very good gift giver.

Sometimes I am guilty of being the person that buys a gift that they want . Maybe more than the recipent.

Last year I really wanted The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, but I bought it for my MIL instead. She loves to cook and after awwing over the book prior to wrapping it for ( along with eagerly awaiting the book's release in the first place ) , I thought she'd really like it AND I could borrow it .

Thankfully The Pioneer Woman has every recipe online pretty much so after contemplating and planning to make her sought after and A-MAZING Cinnamon Rolls , I finally did it.

I admit that recipes involving yeast and waiting deter me from making them.

It's not really the yeast , as I'm not scared of pizza dough . It's more the waiting .

But I waited and it was worth it . There was a bit where I was not sure I would be dining on Cinnamon Rolls or Cinnamon Hockey Pucks , but they turned out pretty good.

Of course it wouldnt be The Pioneer Woman's recipe if it wasn't enough to feed a hundred. So I cut the recipe into a 1/4 . You can find the original version in her book or here.

Enjoy and don't be cheap with the butter.


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  1. Speaking of butter, I have discovered Irish butter!


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