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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Up To Speed

wooo. I'm not sure where I left off but Thursday sounds good to me, so we'll go with that.

Thursday brought pseudo BBQ-d Chicken , giant penne with garlic and old canadian cheddar and peaches and cream corn on the cob.

Pseudo BBQ because I baked them in the oven ;)

And now that I've perfected my Iced Coffee, there was some of that too.

Friday there was a farmer on the way to the cottage .

Of course corn was purchased because summer means corn , corn all the time to my bf .

Teensy asparagus and cherries !

I was kind of surprised at the size of the asparagus because it seems to be ginormous everywhere else.

It was a beautiful day outside so there was deck sitting with Harken and Lily.
Lily's on an extremely long rope from a sailboat sail so she can wander with Harken .

Lily's new bling :)

Saturday I spent the day not feeling well but I got this photo of Lily and her stick .

Which brings us to now, Sunday . Am finally home and relaxing . Doing laundry and cooking a fresh and delicious dinner.

What vegetables do you love in the summer?

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