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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random But Warranted

I have slept incredibly well the past couple of nights , which is saying something because the nights prior , I tossed and turned in the kind of half sleep state that leaves you wondering if you even slept when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Thankfully, my bf gave in and installed the air conditoner that was sitting on my kitchen floor taunting and teasing me with it's potential for coolness for far too long.
It took me whining coupled with my concerns of a far too pink , white puppy to get him to install it.In his defence, it took a day and a half of my comments.
After a blissful sleep in which I did not move the entire night, I was woke by a bouncy puppy at my bedside looking for me.
On weekends , my bf gets up with her as he is a morning person and he and the puppy get up naturally around 7-7;30.
I , on the other hand am not a morning person and I could sleep half the day away if permitted.

After doing the coffee thing.. we ran out of Sbux and had to use Tim Hortons and I tell you , perhaps I am used to extremely dark Sbux coffee but tim hortons, even 6 scoops in the coffee maker , tasted far too weak for me.
Yet it was ok in the Iced Coffee I had the other day. Hmm.
Anyways, after the coffee, we attacked the apartment with a vacuum that, my sweet Lily chased.
She has a thing for vacuums, brooms, if you wipe something on the floor ( ahem her pee ) with a papertowel, she chases it and wants to eat it .

Then we went to the butcher and got for 23.00:

4 chicken legs

3 chicken breasts

1 lb of peameal bacon

6 tri tip steaks

6 pepperettes ( tasted like kielbossa)

2 incredibly soft crossiants ( that didn't last long )

sooo soft and yummy long baguette for 1.00 !! ( half is left )

3 lbs of ground beef.

After that we went to the grocery store where I got the very above seen , bars.

I have never tried , nor seen , these Optimum Bars in stores so I figured I 'd give them a whirl.

The Coconut Cream Larabar however, well there's higher stakes placed on that bar . If I do not like this one , I am not purchasing another Lara Bar because that is just it , it is not the bar for me.
I REALLY ( obviously) want to like Lara Bars but if they are not for me I will just have to move on :(

Roasted mushrooms and broccoli , topped with krafts italian shredded cheese blend were had.

As was asparagus

I love when it's actually in season and thick!

Corn .

Oh god. Corn.

My bf goes on corn kicks that last entire summers. I should not encourage it.


Chicken wiht bbq sauce is important. And delicous.


Simple wraps on tortillas bigger than plates.

So big the contents are hidden.

I believe this one had spinach, cream cheese and pesto.


Simple and summery , like the veggies and chicken above.

And this , well .
The rest of this post was so random , why not. A cute puppy is always warranted.
Lily DOES NOT do mornings.

Well, she gets up, eats breakfast, acts like she has not seen you in a month, pees and such and then, once you are awake and the coffee is on, she passes out beside you .
I'm about to do the same.

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