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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bamboo and Larabar Review

Aww. Lily in the morning.

I am not a morning person. Even a little bit , but this makes me want to get out of bed .

She is just so mellow,cuddly and cute in the morning.

What I do not love is her appreciation for tennis balls. She looooves them. She has a million other toys but is content destroying a tennis ball bit by bit. She usually kills it in a day and when she doesn't kill it she spends her time pushing it under couches and crevices and then crying for us to get it back out. Hate tennis balls.

What I did not hate , was this Larabar.
Shocking , I know . Considering I hated the other three Larabars I tried I really didn't have high hopes for this one.
I googled reviews before unwrapping and Tina's review convinced me.
It really does taste like a macaroon!

Other things I do not hate , include these awesome Bamboo Cutting Boards I was gifted with from CSN stores to review.

I used to think that my knifes sucked but after using these boards, I realized it was the plastic ( or whatever material it was made of , not wood of any kind and defintely not bamboo) that was making chopping and cutting difficult.

These made prepping spinach , amongst many other things since I recieved them , a breeze.

And the best part, well maybe second best part, EASY to clean . They do not stain or absorb very much . Warm water, a bit of soap and you're done.
Thanks CSNstores.


  1. Rocky loves to destroy things and thank god he doesn't eat it. He just wants to rip it apart! has really cheapy toys that are great for that. I think Petsmart sells tennis balls for really cheap too (even though I know you hate them! ;) ).

  2. I love coconut cream larabars :)

  3. Hey, my dogs used to destroy tennis balls too - i found a indestructable replacement (seriously, chance has never been able to rip up one up). Ikea children's balls - comes in a pack of 3 or 4, same size as a tennis ball, all rubber, hollow and bouncy, they come in a netted sleeve for like 3 bucks. Find them in the children's area. Can still chew on, but not chew through!

  4. Larabars are one of the healthiest bars you can eat. I love them, but not ALL the flavors. LOL. I love the Jocalat, coconut, chocolate-coconut, tropical fruit, the apple pie is okay but the BANANA-that is my favorite! If tastes like it has banana chips in it. You have to try that one! :)


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