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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heaven Sandwich and My Blobbiness

Hey :)

I loved that Apple Cinnamon Bread. It turned out much better than the original time I made it. It was incredibly moist and banana bread like in texture.

Of course I enjoyed some with some Organic P.B.

So good.

Unfortunately I should have froze half of the loaf because I ended up throwing most of it out :(

Yesterday I got some new shirts and a couple pairs of jeans.

This is one of the shirts I grabbed from AE. It says " Friends With Benefits " on it.

And yes I really am that blobby.

My blobbiness did not put me off too much because while shopping I picked up my favorite sandwich to bring home for lunch. Obviously I didn't make it but while describing said sandwich to my wonderful friend Chunks ( she does not live up to her name! ) I took a pic at her request.

Yup I did eat the other half pre photo.

Roast Turkey Club from Druxy's.

Light Rye, Mayo (reduced fat ) , Swiss Cheese, Lettuce,Bacon and Turkey.


It was sooooo good.

Tonight on this rainy Saturday , I am going to attempt to make calzones /panzerotti for the bf . It's one of his favorites and I have a lot of leftovers from making pizzas earlier in the week that I'd like to use up .

I've never made a pizza dough or calzone dough , so this will be a first.

What's on your favorite pizza?
Any tried and true dough recipes?



  1. that AE shirt sounds fab-and I'm not even a slogan-wearer. A south-eastern grocery chain here sells pre-mixed pizza doughs. I love the whole grain one, even though it has some kind of sunflower or some such seeds in it that gives it a nutty flavah. I just bought Ciabatta bread for the panini press, and your ingredients look yummy. I like some of the topping combinations on Kashi pizzas, so Im weird compared to your standard pepperoni-lovers. My dad calls it "garbage can pizza"-the kind with everything on it, so I guess that's my fav.

  2. I see the premixed stuff at our grocery store too i ve just never bought it.
    THe dough recipe i used was a basic one off of all and it was awesome.
    I made it again last night.:)

    D made his into a panzerotti/calzone , w/ peppernini bacon, cheese, sauce, mushrooms and green olives.
    I had a pizza with cheese, bacon on half and cheese and peperoni on the other half.


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