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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vegan For Lent

I know what you're thinking.

That dish pictured above , looks amazingly healthy AND delicious . You're probably also thinking that it looks a little too healthy for me to be posting about it ;)

You're right if you voted that dishes like that are not my usual fare. Dishes like these are not really my friend Trae who I've dubbed Mama 's , usual fare either. But for lent , her and one of her girls decided to go vegan.

Yeah they are crazy and they live in an area that is pretty proud of beef, but that is besides the point. While I am all for vegetables and eating healthy , I just couldn't figure out what she was planning on eating .

To shut me up and reassure me that she's not dining on carrot sticks with the children , she's sent me some pictures of her trials with vegan cookery thus far and I thought it would be something fun and interesting to have on the blog. Food pics are always good :)

Oh and if you're curious , that above dish , is mixed baby greens, avocado , sunflower seeds topped with balsaimic vinegar and Nature's Seasoning. Note: I had never heard of Nature's Seasoning prior to this post and had to use google. :/

Mama tells me this is sugar snap peas, mushrooms, onions that had been sauteed and cooked in olive oil and some more of that Nature's Seasoning . Mama loved it but said it shrunk down so much it fit into a small cereal bowl ?!

I hate that . I also hate cooking rice because I can never make the correct amount. It is always too little or too much .

Last but not least we have the glory that is sweet potatoes!!

Loooove these. And so simple. Mama , baked these with olive oil and some brown sugar. They look amazing!

That's all I've got.Until I cook something :)


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