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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Potato Pancakes and Moon Boots

The bf purchased what I have now dubbed as camo moon boots and I had to do a size comparison . Come on ! those things are huge.

I purchased less large things but still exciting. Oatmeal toppers. A bowl of mush just doesn't cut it for me so I need some crunch on top.

Today's oats, unadultered for those who have asked me if I even cook them , since I don't like creamy or liquid-y oats at all.

Cooked !
In the bowl:
Bobs oats
organic natural pb
1/4 cup of the blue menu granola.

Other yumminess was also had. It started with this potato.

Doesn't he look exciting??

He doesn't look too much better here either.

But he's starting to look pretty good to me here.

And even better here.
Potato Pancakes
To make 6 medium sized pancakes
1 very large potato, peeled
3 tbsp flour
1 egg
sprinkle of garlic powder
minced onion if you want ( i did not )
salt and pepper
olive oil or oil product you like , a drizzle to coat the pan
Shred the potato on the largest size on your box grater. Then take a tea towel that you don't care about. Actually I would be considered if you care deeply about any of your tea towels, but anyways, put all the grated potato in the center of the towel and fold corners in . Squeeze the water out. Throw tea towel out unless you have a use for a tea towel , with a large pink ish colored circle on it now.
Put potato in bowl , crack egg, add spices and flour. Combine.
In a hot pan , drop by spoonful and flatten with a spatula. Cook 6-8 minutes a side and place on paper towels to drain .
To store , place between paper towels in a ziplock bag and warm up in toaster oven :)


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