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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Suspense Filled Cookies and Vegan Yumminess

Hey :)

My lunch was sooo good today. Or brunch considering it served the purpose of both breakfast and lunch.

Oh so fresh sliced italian bread. So fresh it was warm when we bought it , at the ungodly hour of 9;30 am , with mozzerella cheese , baby spinach and a bit of fat free cream cheeese.

My apologies for the sunshine-y-ness while taking this photo. This was without flash.

Yummy it was.

Vegan it was not.

This yummy and long favorite , guacamole of Mama's girl , Jordan is vegan though !

I was going to request a recipe but then I read the caption which basiclly stated that you throw various amounts of the following until it tastes right . In the mix :




-lemon juice


-and of course Nature's Seasoning

Mama had other words to share about the pictured Kashi crackers but they are not conducive to working up an appetite :P

That new Bob's Muesli , I got the other day ? Well I figured I better give it a whirl and because I'm all about taking risks , I used the recipe on the back of the package for cookies.

I'll make you wait til tomorrow to see the finished product. Not because I like being annoying but because I am too lazy to upload the rest of the photos and or fearful of prying the container of cookies away from bf's claws.


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