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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best I Ever Had

This week is going by pretty fast for me. Although during the day when I'm trying to get stuff done , I feel like the minutes are hours.
My lecture ended early today so I got home early enough for breakfast.
I took these two ,

And turned it into this :

In the bowl :

Bob's Oats of course

Tbsp of Organic Peanut Butter

1/2 of a crumbled Peanut Crunch Clif Bar ( i had the other half with my coffee mid-lecture)

splash of water

Coupled with a glorious mug of green tea.
Ok so it's not so much glorious as it is a tea bag with some hot water. But it's warm!

I finally tried this bar on the weekend. I have to say it is my favorite bar EVER!!!!
Unfortunately it is 4 dollars a bar!! I said to bf when I bought it , watch this will be my fav because it's 4 dollars and look what happens. He really liked it too .
So banana-y and loads of whole nuts. So fresh and yummy. It really tasted like something a family member or bakery made.
I might even say it was the best I ever had. Also I might even say that I'd like to look at mr Drake all day long
BUt keeping on topic , I'd buy it again but not for a daily bar because of the price.
Bf's birthday is on Friday. Big 2-8 ! He's not thrilled about it but I doubt I would be either. Birthday plans ( as per the birthday boy's request) are dinner with his parents tomorrow , a day off for him on Friday and hightailing it to the cottage Friday afternoon after my class.
What's your most memorable birthday celebration ?
Best gift ever ?



  1. Wowie! That bar looks delish! $4 is pretty steep, but might be a nice treat every now and again.

    Wish D a happy birthday from us to him and have a greatweekend at the cottage.

  2. OH it was soo good. I got it at shoppers. It was really filling too .

    Thanks guys :) Hopefully it is not too cold. I love teh cottage i just hate the internet situation in that town

  3. mmm is htat probar chewy? if so, Im gonna get one! I love bananas and oats so there ya go! no comment on birthdays.. hate hate hate em lol


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