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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Procastination Methods

I didn't want to deal with this :

So I procrastinated.

By doing this :

Scaaaaaaaaaaared me.

Blah me.

Seeeeerious Me.
Bathroom photography at it's finest.

Unfortunately when I re-emerged from the bathroom , the laundry fairies hadn't arrived yet. So I procrastinated some more with some coffee.

And then I finally threw a load in .
I celebrated with a wrap .
Pre-rolled or wrapped:
Thinly sliced fat-free honey ham
Sprinkle of the Mexican cheese blend from yesterday
Leftover lettuce and baby spinach from yesterday
Reduced fat Hellmann's
All wrapped up , although hastily ,and tighting gripped in my paw. Delicious even if it was breakfast :)
Are you a procrastinator?
What do you most often procrastinate on doing?



  1. wow di dyou guys recently move or something? lol Used to seeing such neatness in your pics-laundry is the worst! At least with dishes you can hide them in the dishwasher lol

  2. LOL no I did not just move. I just got lazy or busy i guess.
    The laundry room wars saga did not help with the situaton either.
    I have been doing laundry since 8 am so i will kill that beast.

  3. You are the second blogger to write about laundry today. General concensus: Laundry is loathed... btw, is that a ceramic sbux cup?

  4. I do 2 loads a day (well, there ARE 5 of us plus bedding) or I'll drown in it, and be in a foul foul mood until it's done. Scrubbed my kitchen floor and cabinets with washcloths and Lysol to brighten my mood today lol

  5. Coleen - I have an insane amount of laundry it is sick
    Yes its a ceramic sbux cup . IT even comes with a lid. It looks identical to a paper one , even has the spot to customize your drink on the side. Unfortunately it keeps drinks hot for all of 2 seconds so i use it at home instead of taking it to school :(

    Tots- I could easily do 2 loads a day and there is only 2 of us. I just cant stand doing it every day so I end up doing laundry all day long for at least 2 days a week. I miss dragging my laundry to my moms.

  6. I almost bought one of those cups-glad I havent now after what you said about it not staying warm!


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