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Friday, January 15, 2010

Not Taco Hell

For dinner tonight, I choppped up some of these :

Sweet onions, tomatoes-on-the-vine, lettuce and baby spinach.

I was seriously wanting soft tacos. I fear the evil that is Taco Hell so i went to the grocery store for some fresh tortilllas and used these ingredients from home :
Mexican rice, extra lean ground beef cooked w/ a PC taco seasoning packet ,Kraft Mexican Cheese ( i have yet to see organic or "natural" versions pop up at the stores I frequent ) and some Newman's Own Original Salsa.
I've heard amazing things from so many bloggers about Newman's Own products. I don't see many of their products at the stores I shop at but they do have a whole shelf in the Mexican section! Has anyone tried the Mango salsa? The Blackbean?
I slapped together a "wrap" as I call it with some rice , sour cream and the cheese. I am not one for vegetables on my wraps or soft tacos as I do not like the idea , taste or feel of warm lettuce and I really hate raw tomatoes and onions.
What is your favorite mexican make at home food?
Favorite salsa or salsa recipe?

1 comment:

  1. Favorite recipe is lentil tacos! Followed closely by enchiladas. Mmmm Which we may be having this evening, woo!


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