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Friday, January 22, 2010

Not Too Busy

In my absence I 've been doing a lot of studying and typing . Fortunately I still had time for the important things, like some more bathroom photography.

I am working on perfecting both the creepy hand AND odd eyes. Not working hard enough that I didn't have time for salad concoctions.

Baby Spinach , Spinach Blend, Homestyle Croutons, Brococli Slaw , Bacon Bits, Shredded Cheddar and Mozz Blend and half of a crumbled Turkey Burger.

Oatmeal messes were also had. Not for breakfast but as a lunch-ish accompanionment to homework and Bravo's afternoon TV line up. Love me some , Law and Order and Without a Trace.

When oatmeal or a salad doesn't work , a banana sliced up so it doesnt resemble a male body part , dipped in glorious peanut butter always works.

New bars may also do the trick . The Rebar was basiclly compressed veggies and fruit but yummifed AND vegan.

Apparently I haven't been too busy though because I managed to find time to finally purchase and frame two of my favorite photos ever.

My lovely bf and my other love , miss Kate Moss.

And of course the icecream aisle is so close to the picture frame aisle that I had to make a purchase. Apparently a million flavors is just a bunch of chocolate covered nuts and toffee, peanut butter cups smooshed all together in a chocolate vanilla swirled icecream. Delicious but misleading.

So happy the "work" week has ended because I'm off to the cottage for the weekend :)



  1. 1. My first instince was to LOL at your banana comment. And then, I realized something sinister could be derived from that image of you cutting up a male body part O-o hehe

    2. If you want to look really creepy-eyed, try black eyeliner or some smudged black eye shadow all around lash lines. Would be interesting to see.

    3. a million flavors is VERY misleading. Now, mixing a spoonful of each of every flavor of ice cream into one bowl...that'd be interesting indeed. tho the peppermint might conflict with the strawberry shortcake... oo peppermint mixed with sherbet hmmmm

  2. 1. I know its very weird and but i am all about appearance and texture of food. as yummy as something is if it looks like something gross i can't do . hence the chopping. i guess its kinda symbolic too in a feminist kinda way.
    2.oooh i will try the black eyeliner for my next bathroom photo shoot.
    i have lime green eyeliner that makes my eyes look really weird.
    3.i hate all those weird fruity icecreams .. sherbert is groooooss. bring on the chocolate.

  3. my kids have started a debate on which store brand, of which flavor, are the creamiest. No, I wont buy them name brands because they go thru it soooo quickly. The current debate is on sherbet, broken down into rainbow, tropical, green, and orange. I dont like the pineapple bits in the tropical, but it does make me think it's healthier than the other brands. Yeah chocolate syrup tends to be slopped on any kind of ice-cream-ish frozen treat at my house.


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