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Friday, January 1, 2010

Pop and Crunch - Pop Chips Review

Wow these Pop Chips were a long time coming! I can't even count how many contests I entered trying to get my paws on these guys.

I gave up on my chance at glory and when I saw these on sale for 2.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart the other day , I had to get some.

I was tempted to get a flavor but ended up getting Original because to be honest I am a plain jane. My absolute favorite chips are Lays Original but I try to healthy it up a bit and go for the Baked variety. Hea-ven!

The bag of Pop Chips tells me that they are not fried OR baked. Intriguing.

Upon first crunch , I was very surprised. I was expecting something similar to Crispy Mini or Quakes for the Americans ( i think ! ) , Snack A Jacks for the UK-ers. What I got was a chip that reminded me of a Muncho if you 've ever had one.

Incredibly salty and full of flavor. They also are kinda greasy.

The Pop Chips weren't greasy but they had the flavor of a chip that might have be fried. I kinda wished I had gotten BBQ or something because I am not a big fan of Munchos and these REALLY reminded me of it.

All in all though , if you're looking for healthy alternative to chips for dip related purposes I would snag a bag of these. If you want to eat them on their own and you adore Munchos , also buy them. If you do not enjoy the food that is Munchos , no.


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