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Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st 2010

Happy 1st Day of 2010 Everyone!

I hope everyone was able to have a fantastic night.
We kept it low key as always. Massive bars and clubs downtown aren't really our thing anymore. My, I'm making us sound old.
We hit up Blockbuster and Walmart yesterday afternoon . Both of which were insanely busy. We rented The Hangover , Julie and Julia and District 9. A video game was also purchased. The name of which I do not know.

Julie and Julia was awesome. I feel like I missed parts so will defintely watch it again. The Hangover was ok , I guess. I'm not really into that kind of humour for some reason. But then again I hate Family Guy.

I made some mostly unpictured ( i may have a couple somewhere) appetizers. I ate way too much but thankfully I didn't drink too much at all. I actually made myself a fancy hot chocolate and switched to water after that. I think it may be because I ate a tonne though.
Stuffed mushroom caps, artichoke and asiago dip with my crack errr Baked Lays amongst other yummy stuff. I even made escargot for the bf .
All in all , even though the bf fell asleep about fifteen minutes before the new year rang in, it was an awesome night :)

Resolutions. Resolutions.
I always want to make things and usually end up halfassedingly making them . I never wholeheartedly do it and of course each year I say that I am going to change that. Well here's 2010's attempt .

-Managed my time better so I can eat more often .
-Figure out what foods work for me SO i can eat more often . I often find myself very full and then I don't eat for hours. Hence the 1 pm breakfast/lunch and 8-9 pm dinner.
-Find and stick with a healthy and sustainable snack /small meal for school hours. I leave the house at 7;25 am and return home around 1;30pm

-Keep my google calender better updated.
-Managed my schoolwork better. Stay a day or two ahead more than 1 day of the week. Do the review questions for the chapters while reading the chapters even if they are not to be marked, instead of doing the review questions while studying.
-Buy some shelves for the walls for books.
-Go through all of the many clothes contained in various ways in the bedroom and reduce.
-Do the same for cupboards.
-Organize photos and purchase frames for large prints awaiting display.

-Visit family more often. Email and IM is not a valid subsitute .
-Make a bucket list.
-BLOG! - establish what works for me blog wise and WRITE.


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