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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clif Bar Deprivation and Tropical Paradise

That right there is no ordinary stash of Clif Bars. That right there is the actual variety of Clif Bars that is available to me. Isn't that pitiful?

To be honest we actually have 3 more that I am not representing because I think they are vile. Maple nut something or other. Carrot Cake and oatmeal something .

This stuff . O M G . It is going to be the death of me . It is just so delicious. I haven't even thought of what to use it on because I have eaten it off a spoon more than once. I also made delicious hot chocolates last night with a spoonful shoved in . GO! RUN I SAY to superstore and get some . 2 /7 or 9.00 i can't recall which but so good. I can't even put it into words as you can see.

Oh superstore is there anything you can't do ?

While it does nothing for dry hands it smellls delicious and that's what really important. It reminds me a lot of this coconut lime body lotion I have. Anything that can take you away from the winter blahs to a tropical oasis for a moment or two is awesome

This is the closest I am going to get to an island oasis right now.

What about you ? Is it snowy or bikini worthy?



  1. Not snowy but damn cold. It was 4degrees for my run this morning. Yikes!

  2. yes it is soo far from tropical here too


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