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Monday, January 25, 2010

Breakfast-y or Lunch-y

I felt like this on Sunday at the cottage.
I really wish I could have been like Harken and just taken a nap until next week .

Unfortunately before I could even leave the cottage , I had to deal with this mess.

Yup. That's all me . Mostly clothes and random things tossed on the bed . I was barely there two days and you should be grateful I didn't show you the floor.

I didn't like the look or sound of the rain this morning so I extended my weekend. This was my brunch/accompanionment to Bravo's Wind At My Back. Sadly , I love that show.

In the bowl :
-Bob's Red Mill Organic Oldfashioned rolled oats ( i think) ( a bit more than 1/4 cup)
-half a banana
-tbsp of Maranatha's Almond Butter
-tsp of Organic Honey hiding beneath the bananas.

This was the first thing I ate today and I had it at 12 ish . I can honestly say that it kept me full until around 4:30 when I had the other half of the banana on an unpicture slice of really soft italian bread with a bit of natural peanut butter.
I think it was a peanut butter and banana day at our house because the bf ate two sandwiches for his lunch consisting of them because there were no leftovers as I didnt cook sunday dinner last night :(

What's your favorite breakfast/lunch/brunch whatever you want to calll it food ? Do you prefer more lunch-y stuff or breakfast-y ?


  1. I always like breakfasty better. Even given the choice of scrambled egg whites with some white cheddar or a chicken caesar salad, i'd rather have the eggs. I think breakfast stuff is comfort food (which is why i LOVE oatmeal, soup, and chili so much).

  2. That's great that you're a fan of "Wind at My Back". :)


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