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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

Today started out with this and some guilty pleasure tv in the form of Urkel. Yup. I watched Urkel yesterday. Well at least it was festive.

Italian style white toast ( am out of anything else but that's another story altogether). 1 smeared with some reduced fat cream cheese, the other with some PC Celeb . Along with an unpictured mug of delicious home brewed Sbux.

Too many of these was also had. Damn festive candy dishes. Damn vast amounts of candy and nuts in stockings and gifts.

Some of this Naked Grape Chardonnay was also had. Delicious. Cute stemless wineglasses too from my brief stint in hell aka Bowrings.
what was not had however was, studying. cleaning. organizing.
blog reading. excessive blog reading was had. Had,many times.
Happy New Years Everyone.
Cherish what you had this year and don't dwell on what you didn't.

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