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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today involved a lot of this . It also involved a failed trip to the butcher. They are closed until Monday :( So I had to make due and hit up Loblaw's/Superstores' Organic section. It was not needed though as you'll find out below.

I was craving a big salad because of all the carbs, yumminess and junk food of the holidays. I think it is the sodium intake that has really done me in . I am puffy:

In the Big Salad:

Organic Baby Spinach

Organic Mixed Romaine

Julienne Carrots




Sugar Snap Peas

Shredded Fresh Cheddar

PC Roasted Garlic Croutons

Bacon Bits

I know . It looks like a junk-y salad but there really are a lot of greens and veggies under there :

While at the grocery store the bf and I attacked that bakery section. I don't think we can help it. One of the bf's contributions was of course the garlic bread. He always falls for this one even though I can make way better garlic bread.

He also contributed some everything buns. They are like onion buns , cheese buns and everything bagels rolled into one. I hate them of course.
This was my contribution.

The neighbors ( the same ones that gifted me that snowman) contributed some perch . Well , for the bf's meat portion of dinner . So the chicken breasts were not required. A big salad is enough for me!

I'm off to do some more purple highlighting and eat my big salad.

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