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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bye Bye Snowmen

I brought in the New Year with a couple of friends last night.

Diet coke and vodka .

And of course my bf :) He did not make it until midnight just as he did not make it to midnight last year. However he would like you all to know that he has lofty goals of making it next year. Sure, sure

I also had some company from the above movies. We're going to watch the third one tonight, District 9. I do not think it is my kind of movie.

I went cleaning and organizing crazy today and dealt with all the piles of books I had about the apartment. I didn't take before pictures but I should have. My kitchen chairs could not be sat on due to books. I had no idea where to put them but I removed the dvds from the bookcase and replaced them with books.

Some of them are fun reads I've grabbed and lusted over at Chapters. Others are textbooks and schoolbooks. Unfortunately a lot of the text books I am still using and will continue to use for the next few months , otherwise I would have gotten rid of a lot of them

I also said good bye to these cute snow games and the super awesome Father Christmas. It was my bf's Bobbi's ( grandmother) . It is heavy and I love it.

We also said good bye to this lovely Santa container set . I got it as a gift from the newborn baby girl downstairs. I had given her a Pea in A Pod and Good Night Moon for her 1st Christmas and this is what she gifted me back with :) It's filled with candy and caramel corn .

The sparkly card in front is our paper girl . To the side you can see my fav Christmas decoration, Spongebob Snow Globe. I am always sad to pack it up.

What do you hate the most about the holiday season ? Are ou happy when it ends ?


  1. I am usually always sad to pack it all away, I have to touch each item and say goodbye in a sad kind of year long memorial to them all. This year I was happy to see it all go and I didn't touch a thing. I just wanted it gone.

  2. Yeah i was kinda glad to be done with it after all this year . It felt like it was an inconvenience almost.


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