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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bar Filled Update

I'm still crazy insanely busy . My head is permantly in the books or staring at my computer :(
On the way back from observing at Family Court today ( trekking there in the frigid temperatures as well, I must add ) I picked up a few new , well to me at least items. As always reviews will be up in the coming days . Or when I devour them.

Chocolate Vega bar which many bloggers, have assured me , tastes nothing like chocolate and more like grass. Well, the bar is varily small compared to Clif bars and the like so I think I can handle it considering how many awesome ingredients are in .

Protein 2 Go bar is one I haven't seen before . 22 grams of protein and varily low calories which is suprising since I'm pretty sure it's going to resemble a chocolate bar. I predict I will only get a bite of this one and the bf will devour it.

Sun Cookies Meal Replacemtn Cookies in Maple Walnut Chip!
The idea that I can eat 3 cookies and it will fill me up as a meal , had me sold. The cashier told me she ate 1 1/2 of them yesterday and was full.She did also mention that they are very dry and require a beverage. The nutritional stats aren't that bad either. Mostly baking ingredients.

Of course I had to get it in two flavors.
I look forward to trying both , but the Coconut Almond one sounds soooo good to me.

Exam on Friday and I have the day off tomorrow . So it's study , study , study . Thank god I still think odd colored highlighters are cool or I 'd have no joy at all .
Question :
How do you feel about meal replacement items? Do you still want a meal or do they do the job for you ?


  1. I like bars. I used to be terrified of any but special K or SK protein, but now and then I'll try another if it has good protein count. I've just had a hard time finding others that taste good-but many of them fill me up for hours (esp the high fiber ones). It is handy as most days I live in my car and days start far too early.
    Rob likes Fiber All bars for that full feeling, esp the peanut butter and chocolate ones, along with a banana, as he can't always get lunch and won't pack one.

  2. ok, so am sitting here eating a fit&active yogurt honey peanut bar.. very good! not high fibre tho, bit high in sodium, 15g protein and 200 cals-probably fron sugar since it tastes so sweet. Didnt expect it to be a chewy kind, but still, it's good.


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