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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Personal Snow Day

The idea of partaking in this , this morning was not appealing .


So after walking about two feet outside the apartment , I said a curse word or two and a prayer for my cardy uggs that were getting wet! and turned around and went back inside.
Threw off the clothes I had just put on and replaced them with super comfy soft ones I wouldn't want the public to see, emailed my homework to a class mate to hand in for me and I'm taking a personal snow day today.

To homework doing,blog reading, apartment cleaning, warmth and this :


Something Awesome:


Quinn is giving away a torture device. Sound awesome? No ? I promise it's better than it sounds. Go see for yourself.

The new PomWonderful aprons are out and they're hilariously cute. Want one? Go tell Tina of Carrots 'N' Cake why you need one in your life.

Why I need one in my life ?
It's hilariously cute and a conversation piece. Also I always seem to be wearing black when I bake and end up looking a mess afterwards.

What's your ideal way to spend a snow day or a day off ?

For me I am happy just staying in where its warm . Doing around the house type stuff. Cooking , cleaning , yup a housewife :)

Do you like winter weather ? Hate it ?

I'm a horrible Canadian who just can't take the cold. The snow is something else altogether . It's just a big inconvenience to me . Nothing worse than having to spend your day in half wet clothes because you didn't anticipate the snow .


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  1. Yeah, I probably would have stayed home too! That does not look fun to navigate around in.


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