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Monday, December 7, 2009

Intentions and A Photo Dump

Hey :)

I had an amazing , relaxing although some what chilly weekend at the cottage.

I really needed it .

Despite packing all my school books and fully intending to get some homework done along with some personal reading ( I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb ) I barely cracked the books. So I wasn't at all prepared for the first day of Civil Procedures this morning. Also while I'm on the subject of school, I bought this super cute ceramic travel mug that looks exactly like a paper starbucks mug , and while its rocking the cuteness , my coffee was cold 35 minutes later. Cuteness be damned, that mug has nothing on my stainless steel , blah , plain one. You know, I'll deal with cold coffee though and still use it :D

I don't know about you guys , but a new class, course, semester; it always makes me want to do the fresh start thing. Get organized, start out perfectly even though we know come midterms everything is a mess and post-it notes are in the bottom of the backpack. So in the spirit of organization, I'm dumping all the photos I 've gathered on my phone from the last few weeks , so bare with me .

I got this mysterious number going this afternoon. The time on the stove's clock is wrong . I got frustrated with resetting it , everytime there is a power surge and it's fun for people who think it's the right time. Its bubbling and steaming much too much to get a picture of the contents but heres the recipe.

Comfort Chicken Soup

1 roasted chicken breast ( i de -skin mine and cook it on a rack in a dish in the oven for about 55 minutes with garlic, paprika and mrs dash)

2 stalks of celery diced
3 carrots , peeled and diced
1 small onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
1 tsp of thyme
8 tbsp of chicken bouillion or a carton of broth
10 cups water

Bring water to a bowl and add bouillon . Reduce heat to 2 or 3 ( not bubbling but not low ) , add veggies. Leave it alone for 2-3 hours. Add chicken . Put on low or minimum and leave it alone for 1-2 hours . Turn off heat about 40 minutes before cooking or you won't be able to eat it because of the heat.

This is my go-to soup for flus , colds and when the weather is so horrible , that it's a soup day. It freezes really well too. Generally I allow it to cool in the pot with the lid on , sometimes it takes until morning and then I put ziplock bags in the milk pitcher ( americans will be lost on this part ) and pour the soup into the bag. That way I don't have a ziplock bag flopping all over the place.

This funny guy , who is pretty funny looking to begin with , is my Uncle's dog. I believe he is a sharpei and he's awesome. His name is Cash and he is obsessed with my Uncle. It's very cute. He will look all over the house and drive himself nuts looking for him .
He got that nifty head dress because he escaped from the back yard ( he's not as innocent as he looks ) and got hit by a car. He's ok though. He had to get a couple of stitches in his leg and the stitches are almost healed but he likes to eat himself, so better safe than sorry , Cash.

Ohhh this picture is horribly bright but we'll work with it. That's what I get for snapping last minute photos in afternoon sunlight.
That's my saucer for my snowflake soup mug set and some crackers that remind me of bird food but hey , they're good for you . Think Bretons with seeds.
The cheese is this awesome 8 year cheddar my bf got me from a cheese factory on the way home from the cottage.

Ahh the life fuel . This is the current blend I've been grabbing from Sbux. Actually upon closer inspection , squinting , its the French Roast. My current blend ( read: last 3 bags ) has been the Cafe Verona. Either way , I don't refuse a good coffee.

Now , because I've procrastinated enough between writing this and google reader, I'm off. Oh I have a Friday 5 half done too . Yup , I am that girl . Thinking I'll just have a double Friday 5 again .. Ooh but if I procrastinate on that , does that mean I get a triple friday 5 or quadruple Friday 5 next week ?

What do you guys do with the mass amounts of phone photos we seem to acquire?

Something you should do if you're being a procrastinator like me :

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  1. 8 year old cheddar! I would be all over that! :D

  2. Oh i know its sooo good. So good you can barely slice it but I dont mind eating crumble chunks :)


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