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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Quick One


Today's been a whirlwind of computer staring-homework doing-intervention marathon watching ,
apple turnover/berry turnovers/herbed cheese filled turnover baking- big salad eating-and after i post this entry -Big Bang watching and couch sitting ,filled day.
But because I didn't finish my homework in the middle of the night for once I thought I'd spit out a quick one.

The larabars that I was super excited to find , well either you people are lying to me or it's just me.

Cashew Cookie Larabar

I tried this one first because I love cashews. The cashew bits I adored. The sweeteness factor or lack there of . well maybe it was sweet just oddly sweet. I found it almost sour but I guess that's the natural sweeteners used ? I don't know. I had two bites of this and while I wanted to like it I passed it along to the bf who said that he prefers Clif bars. He should prefer them , he's been eating them all before I can try all the flavors.
I think I would only try this particular bar again only if I eliminated other sweeteners and sugars from my diet. I figure thats why it tasted so odd to me.

Cocoa Coconut Chew Larabar

I just grabbed this flavor randomly because there weren't many flavors there. I liked this one better than the cashew cookie but it still had the " sour" factor for me. The bf agreed. Again , I would only try it if my diet changed.

What do you think about Larabars? Yummy? Not your thing? How Come?

P/S Booze Cruise Dock-age count 3/3



  1. Hey girl! That odd taste is from the dates they use in the bars (one of the main few ingredients- there are no real sweetners in the bar). Laras are kind of a love it or leave it bar. Have you tried the clif mojos? They're our favorites!

  2. Yeah, larabars are definitely not my thing...They are too sweet and boring for me! I guess I don't see the point in eating condensed dried fruits and nuts when I'd rather eat them plain and whole. With cheaper price, too. lol. ;-) I'm cheap!

  3. Erica- AHHH I didn't even read the ingredients on the Larabars or I would have known about the dates. but yes now that you mentioned it, its the dates that are the taste Im not loving. very disappointing. I haven't tried a clif mojo bar yet but I have my eyes peeled for them. The variety of clif bars in grocery stores here is seriously lacking.

    sophia - YEY! I'm glad I'm not the only one. And yes teh price is a bit much . They were over 2 dollars a piece here.


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