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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Will Have To Do

Hey ,

It feels like all I manage to have time for lately is the Friday 5 and unfortunately this post isn't to say that the end of busy-ness is over and I'm B-AAAACK. Nope its going to keep up . At least for a few more days.

While the weekend brought a lot of good things it also brought some bad stuff. My grandfather died early Saturday morning and while I was not close with him by any means , it still was not a happy weekend.
The funeral is Friday and I 'm taking the day off school , to drive downtown to go with the bf.

Tonnes of school stuff and shopping to do . T'is the season so to tide you over until I can get a block of time , my review of the Maranatha Almond Butter.

Maranatha's Almond Butter

What the people at Maranatha say about their Almond Butter :

Almonds never tasted so good. Slice up some apples and say yummm... The 8 oz. jar is the ideal size for trial, gift giving or travel. Bring your own spoon.

What do i say about it?

Initially , I wasn't sure. My first taste was off a spoon straight from the jar and to be honest I found it really really salt. My second taste was spread on a piece of well Apple loaf I guess I 'd call it . I altered a banana bread recipe to incorporate apples and cinnamon . It was delicious, thinly spread on top. So yum . It is definitely an accompaniment item and not something I'd eat straight out of the jar like regular peanut butter.

Luna Caramel Nut Brownie

I wasn't sure what to think of this bar from the get go. A bar marketed towards women?
I figured they would know how to do chocolate right then . To be honest I loved 3/4 of this bar. I loved the caramel layer and the nuts but the brownie part was so dense, almost dry and tasted like coffee to me. Defintely not going in the to buy again pile.

On a shopping exercusion today I managed to find LARA BARS!! I've heard of these and seem them on blogs EVERYWHERE but I never saw them before until today. In a Good Health store of all places. Go figure :D

I got the apple pie one, coconut cocoa chew or osmething of that nature and cashew cookie which I am most looking forward to :)

Off to take care of unhappy family matters. Hoping to get my fashion post with my recent purchases and christmas gifts up soon. Maybe in the friday five?
In the mean time , here's a to do list for you.

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