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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 5: On my Christmas List

Hey :)
So yes,I'm been m.i.a on the blog this week but I have reasons!! Good reasons! I had tonnes of school work that kept me pretty much chained to my books and laptop most nights and the better part of the days and an exam today that I am so glad is over.

Goal Update:

I didn't drink alcohol all week . 6 days pretty much . I am enjoying a glass of Naked Grape's Chardonnay tonight though. In moderation. Meaning not more than 2 glasses.

Meals this week have shown a big improvement. A lot of big salads and steamed brocccoli and asparagus . A few apples but definitely not An Apple A Day, who's hosting an awesome and veggie-ful give-away.
Have also resisted the urge for take-out and have been grabbing pre made to go salads from the grocery store on my way home from class for lunch. Tonight may be an exception though . Not a large one . Promise . Probably a turkey club sandwich and a dill pickle kinda exception.

I found some awesome new stuff to try at the grocery stores this week. Stacey's Pita Chips in Naked :O which I couldn't resist sampling and think they are A-MAZING! Review on this one to come. Clif's Builders Bar in Peanut Butter , have yet to try and some POMwonderful tea stuff .

Friday 5 : Things I'm Putting On My Christmas List

1/ This awesome book shelf from Umbra I love it I would be ecstatic if this was under my tree . So what if it only holds like ten books. It's quirky and cute.

2/ Oh my god .... I have no words for this one . But whoever makes this magically appear under my tree, well lets just say you are my new favorite. FOREVER! And I have no children so forever will be tough to accomplish once a cute cuddly child is here because I will have urges for them to be favorite but then I will make delicious pretty coffee out of this while i wake up with said child who is not the favorite, and I will remember your glorious gift. Oh keurig. I lust for you.

3/ This book by the man I watch peruse the same grocery store chain I shop at and then cook up awesome food. I love it because i can actually get those ingredients unlike other food shows that want me to get on my yacht and go into the jungle for a spice.

4/ I know what you're thinking the girl wants a bar for Christmas? WTF!? Well yes I do want this bar for Christmas or for anything really because I cannot find it anywhere in stores here and I A-DORE all things banana . Banana muffins , I attack them .Mmm.

5/ Lush's Sexbomb Bath Bomb. So yummy. I love them . Any excuse to stay in the bath for an excessive period of time is fine by me .

Now I'm off to take part in "exceptions" previously mentioned :)


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