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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goals Goals Goals

Hola :) I have to say that I am reading Goals Goals Goals to the tune of Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga , in my head .

Fourth day of getting up on the early schedule ( have I mentioned I am so totally not rockin' the morning thang ) and while it wasn't great , it was certainly better than yesterday even if I didn't get out of bed until 30 minutes before I had to leave the house.

Last night's eats ( BIG salad with loads of baby spinach and chicken breast) unfortunately went unphotographed but like I said , I am defintely not one of those take-a-pic-of-every-bite bloggers. I love them but it just wouldn't work out for me right now.
For me , I 'd just like a place to record and discuss ( hopefully with others eventually!!) my food , changes and goals. Yes goals. Apparently I like to say goals a lot without ever stating them. So a list!! I love lists.

Initial Changes I 'd Like To Make With My Eating :
  • Find a sugar replacement that I love and stick with it. None of this , this kind of "sugar" for this food and this kind for that. 1 constant. Should be interesting since I can honestly say I love aspartame.
  • Speaking of aspartame, reduce Diet Coke consumption aka love in a glass and find a suitable replacement that is not water because I already drink a butt load of that. I cannot eliminate ( well i could but what fun would that be ) it altogether as it is pretty much the only thing I mix alcohol (vodka) with and I need that for sanity related purposes.
  • Incorporate whole grains and toss the white stuff. Well most of it :P
  • Conquor the breakfast issue. I know I'd feel better if I ate breakfast but I am just not a breakfast gal. I love breakfast food but usually at lunch, err brunch .
I have to admit I've been super busy with school stuff so this entry was half written on Tuesday and half today. I have no been too busy though because I've managed to read way too many blogs ( i even figured out this " follow " business ) and even entered a few contests like this one over at The Healthy Everythingtarian.

Off to tackle some more school work . Next up on the "Menu" , a grocery post and another review.


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