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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 5 - Take 1

Today's Friday Five prompt came from the lovely Cheaper Than Therapy. Her number 1, Trip Fontaine , killed me. Virgin Suicides is one of my fav movies ( and books! ) so . The five fictional characters I wouldn't mind ,, well.. having. In no particular order of course.

1/ Stephen Hyde from That 70's Show. He just does it for me for some reason and I must say then when finding this image I came across some other photos of him , not as Hyde but as himself and he is not too shabby .

2/ Barney Stinson . Yes, I know he's Doogie Howser . Yes , I know he's also gay , but again I love him . Much more than Ted who I think is just too picky and almost woman-y or Marshall who despite his grande exterior is a total wush. Oh , and don't get me started on Lily's voice . Did I mention I love that show ? :)

3/ Charlie Salinger . Now I am not a facial hair liker but Charlie Salinger can grow whatever the hell he wants. Unfortunately I do not like him on Lost.

4/ Daniel Cleaver. Yes hes a total ass and he seems to play the same damn role over and over but he's just so disheveled and such that it works for me. Only as Daniel Cleaver though. Notting Hill , ugh.

5/ Gabriel in Swordfish . Normally John Travolta is not my thing but he's just so irrationally evil in this movie <3


P/s Stay tuned for Friday 5 Take 2 , Grocery style :)

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