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Monday, November 16, 2009

Booze Cruise Is Docked

Hola :)

After an indulgent weekend , I'm back on the boat to a healthier body. As good as the weekend was , I didn't get enough sleep and while I did have a yummy veggie-ful dinner yesterday and a lake of water but I doubt that makes up for Saturday's naked grape in a glass. Or many glasses.

Couple of Goals for this week :

  • Alcohol free. The booze cruise is over. To be honest I'd love for this to extend. I'd like to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Not drinking for emotional reasons and definitely not drinking every week. Special occasions or a dinner out , fine. Vodka and diet coke while studying, not fine. Today marks 2/2 days booze free so wish me luck.
  • Less meat and more greens. I've already been making a conscious effort to do this , this past week or so but would love to focus more on it . Relying on veggies rather than carby crunchiness. The penne w/ broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and asparagus I made last night was A- MAZING!
  • Manage to study for and write my exam for Tort Law on Friday without succumbing to study snack crap and without celebrating with ahem, boozy cruises afterwards.
What do you guys use when you feel like you need to cleanse so to speak? Any tips on studying fuel?


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  1. Great goals! Hope your rock them this week! To cleanse- try going fully veggie for a day! Focus on lots of fruits and veggies and beans/nuts for protein. Studying fuel- lots of mini meals! Have a good week :)


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