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Monday, August 23, 2010

I Have Nothing To Report. WAIT . Bacon

I have nothing of note to report. I 've been a slack food photographer despite my wealth of free time lately. I am making an effort though .

To make up for it there was ...


Thick sliced CANADIAN bacon . Not this stuff parading about resembling the offspring of sliced ham and peameal .

There were potatoes

Washed sliced and layered in a dish with loads of butter ,onions, mrs dash and garlic.

Baked forever and a day . Mmm.

There were battered mushrooms and zuchinni.

Soo good , even if they are nothing like the bar food variety .

Of course there was also Lily.

While at the cottage Lily found that the best spot for stick eating ever is underneath the deck . She's too funny :)

What are the top five things you ate lately?

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