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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blamin' The Bowls On The Heat

The heat has made me lazy .

When I'm lazy my food is usually something that can fit in a bowl.

Bow tie ( farfelle ) pasta topped with a bottled tomato spinach cheese sauce I jacked up with onions, garlic , mushrooms and more spinach and cheese, with some breaded and baked zuchinni and mushrooms for me and ..

Mini meatballs I had made previously and froze , for the bf.

Massive salads in big bowls.

With a bowl you don't even need a dining table really, just two knees . Or one if you're crafty.

Salads with chicken

Today after successfully turning my apartment into an igloo, I was ready for warm or hot food. Leftover double cheese pizza with bacon , warmed up in the toaster oven did nicely.

Of course accompanied by my favorite form of crack , CREAMY GARLIC dip .
If you'd like to purchase things like bowls or dining room tables or any of the hundreds of products CSN stores sells, I'm hosting a giveaway where you can win a $35 dollar giftcard in the next day or so .

And with a high five from Lily , I'm out :)

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