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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day of Eats and Dinner For One

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I think this is my first day of complete eats. Not completely sure, but anyways, this is everything I ate today.

I started with Starbucks Dark Roast something or other , brewed with love by the bf and added Hazelnut Coffeemate and sweetner.

And then took various pictures of it , rather than drinking it.

Lunch/breakfast, was this luscious bowl of oats.

In the Bowl:

1/2 cups Bob's Organic Old Fashioned Oats ( yey i got more. Steel Cut oats are NOT the same)
3/4 cup of water
1/2 a banana save a few slices for on top
pinch of salt
dash of vanilla

I was not lazy this time and cooked it on the stove top . I cooked most of the banana save for the slices on top, with the oats.
It made ALL the difference.
Stove top oats are so much better. I do hate washing the extra dish/pot though.

I topped these oats with a few fresh blueberries, some Blue Diamond Almond Butter and a couple slices of banana, and some PC Omega 3 Granola.

Blue Diamond Almond Butter is not my favorite but I am trying to eliminate nut butters before I purchase even more, and it's ok for oats. Definately not spreadable.
These oats were soooo creamy and delicious, yet chewy and not liquidy and such which i hate !

I purchased these items yesterday at the teensy health food store at the mall.

Vega Wholefood Smoothie packet, and a Berry Crush and Acai Energy drink packet . I love the berry one for after yoga or mid lecture. Even though I only have about 4 lectures left before I' m done school !
I also grabbed a Banana Larabar.

Loved it.

So far I love : Coconut Cream, Pb and J and Banana .
Hate : Cocoa Chew, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie

While making dinner I "made" Banana Soft Serve in my sad excuse for a blender.
It may be a ghetto blender but it crushes ice and it never lets me down.
Random Fact : No appliance in my house ever has near the correct time.
I missed the part where the banana is meant to be frozen?
So i blended for nothing and then when i realized it was far too easy , it was too late. Its in the freezer now but I am doubtful.
I even had frozen banana in the freezer but I guess my head was just not in it.

This was dinner.
2 tortillas , folded in half for sturdiness.
1 :
pasta sauce : vine ripened tomatos, garlic, onions, mushroom and spinach w/ marble cheddar and spinach
2: PC organic salsa w/ marble cheddar and spinach

And on the side the other half of the batard (?) from last nite's dinner, spread with i cant believe its not butter light and garlic powder pre toast over bake.

It was gooey. I could not manage to eat it all unfortunately .

What's your favorite dinner for one?


  1. Yummy eats for the day! I really enjoy coconut cream pie+banana bread larabars as well :)

    I usually make banana softserve in my cheapo food processor...after about 4 minutes of processing gets all thick and dreamy, like real softserve! Love it :)

    I usually do dinners for one...pita pizzas make great dinners for one :)

  2. Initally I hated lara bars but I think I was just trying ones that really brought out the date taste. I hate dates.

    Im considering getting a food processor. Just trying to think of other things I'd actually use it for. My blender gets daily use by my bf.

    OH you are lucky , I d love to cook for one. Although I have issues and wont cook certain things for myself, yet Ill cook a multi course dinner for bf.

  3. Agreed about ChocoChew and Cherry Pie LaraBars.ick Im so used to the kind with granola or rice krispy things that the chewy soft dog food looking ones aren't good anymore to me.

  4. Dinner for 1: dry cereal that has granola and raisins-all other ingredients are optional lol or oatmeal. Or Dove or Twix ice cream bars. I have a sweet tooth and would rather eat with a partner than alone, obviously :P


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