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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Since My Last Post

Since my last post , I made home made tortillas.

I rolled these balls of love out.

I made the tortillas with these guys.
PC's Organic White Flour and Sunflower Oil . I also added baking soda and salt because the recipe said so !

And rolled them out and cooked them. They take like a minute!

Then I took my badly manicured fingers , shopping with some birthday money . I stopped at the tiny health food store in the mall and snagged these and an unpictured Mint Chocolate Clif Bar that I had never seen nor tried before.
It reminded me of a girl guide cookie but was WAY too minty and I love mint. The mint was so strong that my mouth felt as if I had brushed my teeth or used mouth wash for a long while afterwards. Not in the buy again pile.
I was seeking the covetted Kombucha tea in its bottled form that I have seen everywhere around the blogosphere, but while the cashier knew what I was talking about she said she wasn't sure if it was available here yet and may be a U.S thing still.
She did direct me towards this stuff though which I am willing to try instead of my usual plain green tea.
I grabbed the little drink packet thingys because they claim to have anti oxidents and full servings of fruit and vegetables.
I am crossing my fingers that they taste nothing like the grass like Vega bar.

Since my last post, I recieved this glass cake stand from my bf's parents for my birthday. I think she feared she'd lose one of hers , as I've been eyeing the one she has at the cottage AND the one she has at home.
Not that I make cake or even particularly like cake, but muffins , coookies and such would be pretty.

Since my last post, I bought shoes !

They are no where near as shiny and pleather looking in real life as they are in this picture. I promise. I blame the lack of sunshine in Canada.

More importantly though , I bought shoes that are flat AND actually fit my entire foot. I have such isssues with these trendy flat cute shoes. My feet are narrow and and the shoe always ends up rubbing and creating a death by shoe situation.

I thought I was doomed until I found ones that are kinda elastic-y and look like rumpled up slippers when not on a foot, but still have a hard bottom instead of ballet slipper style.

So yeah YEY!

Since my last post, I took photos of Guess handbags and was responsible and said no , you have 345223 handbags and bags in general . Be sensible.

Then I must have gone into a special kinda of coma and swiped my card because the next thing I knew this bag was on my couch.
Tonight I'm taking it easy in my weakened state and am making storebought tortellini and semi homemade sauce and salad for dinner.
Whats the last item that followed you home from the mall?

Want Chocolate?
You have until Thursday to enter to win a 12 pack of Deep Chocolate Vita Tops.

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