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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Almost A Repeat Dinner

Last night I filled up on salad and the bread seen below and my sauce that I had simmered and slaved over in my weakened state was not used.

No worries though. I poured it into a jar and refrigerated it for an easy dinner tonight!

Ciabatta bread and Oliveri's Roasted Garlic and Asiago Cheese "Medallion" Ravioli .

I could hug this bread.

OH! Hello there tomatoes and baby sunflower plant.

I used the tomatoes for the sauce and left baby sunflower plant alone. It is growing like crazy! There are three plants in that little glass container . I never imagined it would actually grow considering it was one of those dollar deals at the dollar store.

Guess I need to go to Home Depot.

I chopped the aforementioned tomatoes and added them to a hot pan with sunflower oil .

Then I took this guy ,err clove of garlic and chopped it and added it to !

Aren't they so cute?

So tiny , I didn't even have to slice most of them.

They are just like regular white mushrooms but petits.

And yes , horrible manicure and sick looking hand is there for size comparison , not for the vanity factor.

How could I reach for a jar when these two were begging to be sliced and chopped and well , killed I guess .

The tomatoes and garlic simmering .


Well , that's all I ve got . Back to more highlighting and Celeb Rehab watching .

What do you like to do to unwind before the week ?


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