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Friday, April 30, 2010

In The News

Hey :)

I am pleased to say that my presentation went well ( 9/10 ) and my exam is over with . No idea on how I did on the exam but it was very short and I didn't struggle over certain questions like I usually do .

In other news, here's a table.

A table is not that exciting I know. What is exciting is that I actually cleared it off and one could eat at it , if one so chose. I think we've eaten at it once. :/

In other news, ( more exciting IMO , might I add ) , big salads were had.

Anything that starts with baby spinach and greens IS exciting news to me.

All the "junk" on the top , pre toss and pre dressing. Dark picture because I eat in the night like a crazy person.

Salad was accompanied, by old news. Chicken in PC's Honey Mustard Marinade. I always thought I hated mustard, but apparently I do not.

In other news, that is actually new ( to me! ), this dressing from Kraft is A-MAZING! I am big fan of asiago cheese and this is very asiago-y. It's my new favorite find.

And finally , very exciting news .

I got off my ass and got back into the yoga. I am loving the Dave Farmar yoga classes from and have been enjoying them all week. Well to be honest, the first half of the week , I enjoyed no part of Mr Farmar and may have spoken some obscenties about him , but now I love him and he's back on the Christmas list.

I celebrated the return of yoga to my life by finallly trying one of those drink packets I got ages ago. I tried the fruit one and it was pretty good. Tasted like watered down berry Crystal Light or something.

Well I think this is enough excitment for one entry so I 'll leave you with some nosey questions.

What's your new favorite grocery store find?

Do you , yoga? What's your favorite kind of class?


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