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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vitalicious and 20 Second Dinner

Hey :)
Yet again I have been drowning in legal-lese and eating the same old "granola junk" not worthy of so many photos.
Something that is worthy though is this awesome package that Shelley at Vitalicious sent me . Full of vitamuffins and vita-tops.

I've only had a chance to try the chocolate vita-tops so far but I can't wait to try all of them and give a proper review .

The double chocolate vita tops reminded me of a fudgey brownie !! Thanks Shelley :)

In other news, dinners have been pretty simple. I've been busting out one of my favorite kitchen gadgets a lot lately. Love this spinner.

And making a lot of loaded salads.

And pairing the loaded salads with roasted chicken breast.

And of course eating the leftover, exact same salad the next day for lunch.
Easy , delicious and filling. Which is key when you have about ten seconds to cook dinner because a mountain of rice paper thin filled books awaits you .
Hoping for a proper update , reviews and recap on my NY's Goals this weekend :)
Hope everyone's week is going well

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