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Saturday, February 13, 2010

(early) Valentines Day

Happy ( early ) Valentine's Day guys!
The bf and I are both impatient people. I can never keep gifts away from him . I always want to give them to him right away .. and usually do .
So Valentine's Day was no exception .

Every year he gets me a billion long stemmed roses in this perfect shade of red. I love them and nothing makes me happier :)
I got him an unpictured video game and a few boxes of gourmet chocolates that he devoured already :O
We had a relaxing Saturday. So relaxing I was able to take photos while making dinner. Here they are :

I had chicken with my meal . I really don't like steak . Odd , I know. This was just a boneless skinless chicken breast , in extra crispy shake and bake.
Sweet onion cooked in a mesquite smokey marinade, to go on top the bf's steak.

This is amazing on steaks or so I'm told. I rub it on and let the meat sit for a bit on the counter before cooking it.

I sear it in a pan with about a tsp of evo

Hers and his. Rounded out with some steamed broccoli and shredded fresh canadian cheddar from the local cheese factory :)

I ate about half the chicken and most of the rice, all the broccoli of course :)

What are your Valentine's plans? Is it just another day or commerical hallmark holiday to you?



  1. I am totally impatient when it comes to gifts too! I almost always give Josh his gifts early. I actually managed to wait this year! Great din din- especially the cooked onions- yum! Hope you are enjoying your Valentine's day!!

  2. Everyday is a great day to show your love for your significant other. Each Valentine's Day for us is about taking a little more time to enjoy a great meal together and enjoy a bottle of wine.

    Your meal looks wonderful. Hope you enjoyed yoru day.


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