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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Turkey Burgers aka Tuesday's Dinner

I was out of green leafy things so I stopped at the grocery store after class today before braving the frigid temperatures. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you look at it. There is a grocery store directly beside my school . I go far more than I should. Especially considering I do weekly or bi-weekly shopping at a different grocery store on weekends with the bf.

I grabbed some organic mixed romaine lettuce , baby spinach and some ground extra lean turkey. Luckily we go through a lot of lettuce and salad components so I get excited when I see the coupons for money off because it expires in 3-4 days. As long as it looks ok I buy it because it will be gone long before then!
I had a plan for these ingredients though .


You need :

Ground turkey. I buy extra lean but I don't know what other varieties there are.
Breadcrumbs. I like the Italian kind but again buy what you want.

Ranch dressing. Yes it's necessary and no it doesn't have to be PC. Although it's really really good AND it's Canadian

Take the ground meat and break it up in a bowl with a fork . Add an egg that I didn't take a picture of because I am new to this nonsense . SO imagine an egg people. Also imagine cracking it .
Then add some ranch dressing. I didn't measure it but I'd say its about a tbsp. Mix it all together with a fork so it looks even grosser. Then add some bread crumbs. Again, I did not measure but I would estimate a cup or so . Basiclly add enough so its all incorporated but not very dry nor very wet.

Then it's the gross part. Form into patties and wash your hands well people! Sorry but sometimes it has to be said.

Then put them in sprayed hot pan . I had this pan on 4 . Just one short of medium . I sprayed it with some cal free spray. Sad story about this pan . It is my most favorite ever. Stupid stainless steel. Or stupid me , really . I was heating it to sear something that I cannot recall and I ended up forgetting about it until it was too late. its usuable but hideous due to the dark bottom and small but noticable brown marks on the cooking surface. It has not effected my cooking though.

I cooked the first side for 7 minutes and the second for almost 9. Go by color . Poke it .

Then take one of these ridiculously soft and yummy kaiser buns and throw it on it :)
Unfortunately I do not have picture of the burger, bunned. I cooked these and we haven't eaten them yet because bf has to work late. Along with unpictured salad.
Turkey Burger
s1 package of ground turkey ( i have no idea of the weight on this )
1 tbsp ranch dressing
1 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
Break up meat and mix a cracked egg into it . Add ranch dressing. Add breadcrumbs and form into patties. Cook on 4 or medium ish until browned on outside and no longer pink inside.


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