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Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday .. Kinda

While reading Tall N Lucky's blog entry today I thought about my own highschool years. I know everyone says these are the best years of your life , but you know, I've heard the same thing for the college years and I think one is defintely better than the other.

In highschool, I was not the popular girl and not the wallflower. I was in limbo I guess. I had a large group of friends that were very different from each other. Perhaps, a large group that consisted of a few seperate groups. My friends never meshed well with each other.

There was the group that studied hard and wouldn't dare lie to their parents. There was the group that lied and slept over at boy's houses while telling their parents they were doing movies and a sleepover with their girlfriends .I must add that these friends are the same ones I have today.

There was the group that were older than me , but I somehow connected with through advanced English and Art classes. Not sticking with that path is one of my biggest regrets, but I digress.

In highschool , my own locker was locked yet empty . I hated the effort required and shared a locker even though I didn't have to with my closest friend.
We ate "half and half" fries in the cafeteria and "dippy pizza" . Half fries and half onion rings if you're not familar with cafetaria fair, and pita pizza cut into trinagles and served with pizza sauce.
I was late for homeroom everyday ( an occurance I carry over to my college life. just not a morning gal ) and I smoked when i probably shouldn't have ( ahem). I got good grades but I didn't try very hard. I hated phys ed and would lie and get my mother to write me notes stating cramps to get out of whacking that ball across the frigid tennis court, or running kms to the pier at the waterfront. Sports are not for me.

I loved my English teacher but found myself very bored and got sent to the guidance office often for being an ass ( i know ) because what took hours or classes for some , flew onto the pages for me. Why did I have to read THe taming of the shrew, when i read it in grade 7 ? Why did I need to write a 5 paragaph essay when I could write a research paper ? It seemed silly to me and I rebelled rather than stating the fact.

I took ballet in lieu of gym for a few semesters and adored it. Minus the bloody toes.

I dyed my hair a far too bright shade of red for my grade 11 photo and my mother was ecstatic when i went back to blonde for my graduation photo . Although she still to this day says my eyes are red, when they are not . Perhaps its mascara. I do not photograph well as you well know.

It's no discussion for me whether high school was the best years of my life or not. It was far from it. I really was in limbo.
I couldn't decide who I was and my friends reflected that.

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