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Monday, December 21, 2009

Hunger Strikes and Repurposing

Hey :)

Yesterday turned out to be a really relaxing Sunday and because I'm on break from classes, Monday turned out to be too.

Yey for lazy days spent doing laundry , cleaning and watching a marathon of Intervention on A&E. I could watch that channel all day everyday .

I had planned to leave the warmth of the apartment today to get my hair cut and roots dyed but when I called to make an appointment , I was told my lady wouldn't be in tomorrow . So I'll get it done tomorrow at 12pm. I can't say that I wasn't pleased even though I did want to get it out of the way .

Yesterday's eats involved a crock pot creation that turned out to be a ridiculous shade of orange. It was delicious but hideous and messy . It consisted of some chicken breasts, low fat cheddar soup, onions, celery and garlic . I cooked it on low all day .

The chicken turned out moist and so tender it fell apart. I was lazy so I just served it with rice and some steamed broccoli and asparagus. I sprinkled some fresh Canadian Cheddar cheese that the bf had picked up at the cheese factory on his way home. It's made daily!

I don't mind it melted on veggies but it's pretty squeaky and I prefer and older one.

I also had an english muffin that was delicious but didn't hold me over because I waited to eat breakfast too long.


I had a craving for this guy though , so I threw 1/3 cup in the microwave with water.

I really wanted something similar to banana bread . I would have made muffins or banana bread but I had no eggs. I did however have tonnes of frozen bananas in the freezer because I am always throwing over ripe ones in the freezer for baking .

I sliced up probably 1/4 of a frozen banana and put it in with the oats while they went in the microwave.


I topped it with a tbsp or so of Kraft All Natural Peanut Butter. This picture is small but the taste was soo good. Almost as creamy Kraft's regular Creamy Peanut Butter. Love that stuff and wouldn't bake with anything else. I was defintely full after this . It took me right until dinner's crock pot creation.

Today dinner is in the oven bubbling and browning away. I used some of the Spinach Tomato Sauce from yesterday and made a lasagna of sorts, replacing the lasagna noodles with spiral pasta. It smells delicious although I unfortunately don't know how to cook for 2 people and now have a large lasagna pan full of it !

I'm off to take part in my favorite night of TV watching .

Big Bang Theroy

How I Met Your Mother

and Two and A Half Men

and of course to taste test my work .

What's your favorite go to pasta dish ? What do you find yourself throwing together quickly time after time when hunger strikes?



  1. I would hate to see your grocery bills! I think I spend about 500USD a month on food for us, and it sure isnt as gourmet as your stuff!

  2. ANd never knew that about bananas and freezing-cool idea


  4. i dont really think anything is gourmet but i can say that i spend way more than i should on groceries.
    Its gotten so bad ( for no good reason) that I try to force myself to only do twice a month shops because i cannot get out of there without spending close to 200 dollars a time. that is crazy for 2 people.


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