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Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Facts and Dog Food

Hey :)
Yesterday's afternoon eats started with this :

Some of my new favorite peanut butter and a sliced banana.

Random fact #1 : I cannot eat a banana unsliced. Freaks me the hell out.

Unfortunately , or fortunately, depending how you look at it . There was far too much drizzly peanut butter in ratio to the amount of sliced banana. So I used some of the homemade granola from the other day, trying my hardest to not eat any raisins.

Random Fact #2: Raisins remind me of potato bugs and I despise them.

When I say this peanut butter was drizzly, I do not lie.

While we're on the subject of peanut butter , I would like to discuss this exhibit above the text.

Behold an empty jar of Maranatha's Peanut Butter. Notice the emptiness of said jar.

I do not know how you people ever get to consume oats in a jar because when my jar is empty , it is EMPTY!

Moving along.

Random fact #3 : There are approximatly 5 jars of nut butters in my fridge and cupboards currently, yet I really really want to buy another jar of the Maranatha's PB . It was so good. I really love the texture of it .

Bf and I took Lily on a walk this afternoon near the lake ( Ontario). I took this picture from above and shortly after while trying to get to the lower area where bf and Lily were, by way of one of those rocky clif like things you see in the picture, I slid down .

Damn flipflops.

Thankfully it was just a scratch, a sore ass and a wet and sandy pair of capris when a soaking puppy came to my rescue.

Random Fact #4: Some bull dogs cannot swim. It's pretty much 50:50 as far as whether they will be able to swim or not.

After the walk, Bf went and purchased new tires for the truck and brought us back and unpictured lunch from my favorite deli style restaurant. I had the usual , turkey club, hold the tomatoes, mayo on the side with fries and gravy and he got his usual, the roast beef dip with onion rings and stole my gravy and ate my coleslaw.

Random fact #5 I hate coleslaw and cabbage entirely.

After eating we went to Petsmart where I spent far too much considering I went in for food. Lily got a new girly collar and matching leash along with a stuffed duck, purple and girly colored rope, equally girlie colored giant tennis ball and a bag of Blue Buffalo Dog Cookies. She is spoiled.

Apparently this was too much for her because she promptly passed out on the couch person style for the remainder of the afternoon.

To those that have asked , Lily is an American Bulldog :)

Aww. Bf trying to get Lily to stop wiggling or something.

Does Lily like treats?

She likes these ones :)

And thankfully I like the ingredients.

They are made by Holistic Blend . There were about five ingredients and they were all things I had in my cupboard. I grabbed these at Superstore before finding the Blue Buffalo health bar treats at Petsmart.

Random Fact #6 : I am an impulse shopper.

Do you buy on impulse often or do you plan and research before making a purchase?What was your last impulse buy?

Tell me a random fact of your own !


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  1. I was wondering if she had some bully in her! It's the block head, it's a dead giveaway. :D I love it! Rocky has a big ol' blockhead and it's the best ever. She is so so sweet!


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