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Friday, April 23, 2010

Broccoli Salad And Things That Make Me Happy

Last weekend I went to the cottage.

The weather was far from tropical but it was peaceful mostly and it made me happy to be there.

Here are some other things that make me happy :


Yellow labradors on decks , sleepy in the late afternoon . With sticks. Sticks are very important.
Sunsets .
Super simple salads that may not be the healthiest , but are so yummy that your bf eats cereal bowls full of it.
This isn't really a recipe persay. A classmate of mine brought it for a potluck we were having for some occasion I can't recall.
It didn't look that appetizing in the bowl and of course it doesn't smell like pumpkin pie either , but it is delicious and of course a broccoli lover, like me's dream .
I've attempted to health-ify it up a bit , but to be honest, there's not much hope unless you are willing to use Greek Yogurt, which I think would alter the taste a lot .

You can use as much or as little broccoli as you want. For 3/4 of a bowlful this size ( about 5 generous servings) I used a large crown .

Remove as much of the stem as you can. You really just want the floret.

Dice the hell out of it. Don't make it dust or anything though.

Add about 1/4 of shredded cheese of your choice ( the original potluck one had cheddar ) and generously shake bacon bits in . I have never measured the bacon bits so I couldn't tell you how much to use . I just go with what looks okay .

Add equal parts sour cream ( i used fat free because it makes me feel better about possible ass growth ) and mayo ( i used the light olive oil nonsense ) .

Then, and I know this is going to sound odd, but think of it like sugar in homemade pasta sauce, for some reason this just has to be done.

Add a scant teaspoon of sugar.

As you can see I am all about measurement, with my use of the word scant and the fact that I literally use a spoon for tea as a measuring device.

Then as the above picture demonstrates, you stir it up . It won't look lovely. Once you taste it , you won't care.

Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. The longer it sits, the better it is.

What's your favorite super simple salad?

Are you a broccoli lover?



  1. You are missing the diced red onion, raisins, and sunflower seeds - they add more crunch! I never tried it with cheese but it looks delicious.

  2. I love fresh broccoli tops with ranch dressing. I also like (not) cheesy rice with broccoli casserole, but won't make it because I've only seem my mom make it and she uses Velveeta *gag* to make it smooth. Oh, and plain salt-and-peppered boiled or steamed broccoli with shredded cheddar atop.

  3. I love broccoli! And I eat the stalks and all. It is so good roasted in olive oil with crushed red pepper!


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