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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Presents and Luna Bars

Hi :)

I can't beileve it's been almost a week since I lasted blogged. I can happily say that I have no class until January 4th :D I also have little to no homework which is an awesome Christmas bonus.

I got all my shopping done . My purchases included a super amazing cookbook bAdd Videoy this lovely lady. Seriously buy one. So many yummy recipes and a-mazing pictures. I will defintely be borrowing this one from the gift-ee.

I got a lot of other less interesting presents too, mostly clothes. But my favorite present is one that was given to me , of course.

My incredible bf got me an HP Mini . I love it. It's so cute . Best bf ever.

Luna Bars Review

First Impression:

It looked delicious . Very similar in appearance to a Dipp 'granola bar'. I thought the size was pretty average and was intrigued that it was marketed towards women .

After Eating /Overall:

The chocolate tasted funny. It was an odd flavor that I neither liked or disliked. I didn't think it tasted anything like smores as I didn't detect even a hint of marshmellow. Definately not one of my favorite bars. It was just like an odd chocolate "bar".

First Impression:
I was persuaded to buy this one because of the name. Nuts over Choclate just sounds decadent.
Appearance wise it looked beautiful. Like a decadent treat or brownie.
After Eating:
I liked this bar better than the Smores bar but still felt the chocolate tasted off. I would likely try this bar again though. The Smores one is a definate no though.

Well, that`s all I`ve got for right now. Making what I hope will be a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan with a sauce that has been simmering all day . I used a base of PC Spinach and Cheese Pasta sauce, added up 4 tomatoes , garlic , onions and a handful of spinach. Hope it turns out !



  1. A new computer?! He is the best BF ever! Whooo!

    I can dig on the peppermint stick Lunas but that's about it, I don't really like those bars too much.

  2. He is . :) For now anyways :P

    I've ever seen the peppermint ones. Yup I agree, definately better bars out there.

  3. cant seem to develop a taste for spinach unless fresh in salad or in artichoke cheese dips, but yours always sound fab!


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