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Friday, November 6, 2009

Not Hungry For Something Dinner-Ish

I did manage to have something dinner-ish. Yup, a word. At least in my books. What I managed to have did not contain a sweet potato though. Although I can assure you that after scavenging in a muchly needing to be refilled produce drawer, it does exist. Maybe for tomorrow though because mid scavenge I realized that while the idea of a sweet potato for dinner sounds deliciously lovely, I'm really not that hungry.

I ended up taking a soft tortilla folding it in half and spreading one half with a tbsp of light cream cheese. I chucked it in our toaster oven until it started to get brown spots. I then sliced it into triangles and devoured it with a less than healthy diet coke and vodka.

What can I say it's Friday and I have the apartment to myself for the weekend for reasons that deserve another post entirely as the activity my bf is participating in while gone is kinda controversial amongst some people ;)

While the tortilla was delicious and hit the spot, it would not make a good picture. Perhaps it's the lighting or the more likely option , a user error . Either or , it went eaten un-photographed and to be honest I doubt this will be the type of blog that documents my every bite via picture. The important bites though , will definitely be photographed.

Friday 5

5 Random Things Off The Top of My Head :

1/My Life Is Average
I understand the point of it but I think people are forgetting the point because most of the entries are things that are anything but average.
I mean come on , writing I'm Hungry on your desk and coming back the next day to a bag of chips taped underneath the desk , and a note saying, here you go . That's pretty un-average if you ask me.

2/Hipster Hair
Ok , so I totally understand wanting to have a unique or odd haircut but when there's flocks of people marching about looking just like you , it's not really all that unique or odd, and you have a weird haircut on top of looking like a sheep. Do Not Get.

3/The PC Insider's Report
I got my copy in my local newspaper last night and I have to say there are so many things in there that I want to try. Some new, some I probably just haven't noticed before which is more likely considering I always find something new to try whenever I go to Loblaws or Superstore.

4/Peas And Thank You
Not necessarily something I am sitting here constantly thinking of, but it's my new fav blog of the moment which is fitting because it's a fairly new blog !
I love Mama Pea and I find the blog very refreshing. A good strong message and awesome recipes with fantastic food , but Mama Pea is not IN YO FACE about it . Although her girls' stance may differ. They're pretty passionate about those green smoothies.

5/ Mama Tulip
If you can't tell , when you need the real stuff, a good read, wonderful writing, or healthy amazing and hilariously written blog fodder, you go to the mamas.
Mama's know.
Mama Tulip is a fav of mine that I've had hidden away in my bookmarks for awhile and recently added to my reader . I'm glad I did because now I'm " always in the loop " with her writings. I can always expect 1 of 2 things from Mama Tulip. She either brings me to tears by the end of the entry or I about pee myself. Either one is a good thing in my books.
Most days at least.

What are 5 things that you're loving right now ? Food items? Blogs? Books? Clothing items?

Now I'm off for the night to enjoy the warmth of being inside , had a horrible chill all day that wouldn't leave me and watch crap on youtube. To tomorrow!


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